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Toddler defies "Monsters", follows Dad into strip club

From BabbleFest:

This little gem is a variation on the familiar “child left alone in car while adult goes in some establishment” theme. Coming to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma, this version of the story lacks the tragic consequences usually associated with these accounts, and is actually good for a somewhat bemused laugh. It’s also good enough to get this guy posted as our “dipstick du jour”.

TULSA, Okla. -- A Kansas man was arrested at a Tulsa strip club after police said his toddler son was left in a cold car and found wandering into the club.

Christopher Greg Killion, 31, of Sabetha, Kan., was arrested Saturday on a complaint of "encouraging a minor child to be in need of supervision." He posted $500 bond and was released from jail.

The boy told police that his father told him to stay in the car, and that if he left it, "monsters would eat him."

A manager at the club had called police to report that about 30 minutes after Killion entered the club, a 3- to 4-year-old boy came inside looking for his father.

Officers determined that the boy had been left alone in a car in the strip club's parking lot.

The car was unlocked and parked about 20 feet from a four-lane street. It was raining and 45 degrees outside at the time, an officer noted in the police report.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Numbers don't lie: the truth about tax cuts

If you missed this story back in January, like I did, don’t feel bad. Somehow or other the entire MSM managed to let this get by them. But Donald Luskin was on the job, and analyzed the actual fiscal results of the 2003 capital gains tax cut. And guess what? Once you cut through all the crap, it turns out that tax cuts cause economic growth and result in increased revenues. Now where have we heard that before?

Now let’s move forward a year, to January 2004, after the capital-gains tax cut had been enacted. Table 4-4 on page 82 in CBO’s Budget and Economic Outlook of that year shows that the estimates for capital-gains tax liabilities had been lowered to $46 billion in 2004 and $52 billion in 2005, for a two-year total of $98 billion. Compare the original $125 billion total to the new $98 billion total, and we can infer that CBO was forecasting that the tax cut would cost the government $27 billion in revenues.

Those are the estimates. Now let’s see how things really turned out. Take a look at Table 4-4 on page 92 of the Budget and Economic Outlook released this week. You’ll see that actual liabilities from capital-gains taxes were $71 billion in 2004, and $80 billion in 2005, for a two-year total of $151 billion. So let’s do the math one more time: Subtract the originally estimated two-year liability of $125 billion from the actual liability of $151 billion, and you get a $26 billion upside surprise for the government. Yes, instead of costing the government $27 billion in revenues, the tax cuts actually earned the government $26 billion extra.

CBO’s estimate of the “cost” of the tax cut was virtually 180 degrees wrong. The Laffer curve lives!

This straight-A report card on supply-side tax-cutting was noted Thursday by Daniel Clifton of the American Shareholders Association — the man who predicted that exactly this would happen when the tax cuts were first enacted.

Clifton wrote on his blog,
a capital gains tax cut spurs the growth of new businesses, increases the wage of workers, enhances consumer purchasing power, and grows the economy at large, resulting in more overall gains to be taxed. When capital is taxed at a lower rate, any revenue losses are offset because there is more overall capital being produced, and thus more total revenue being generated.

Using the same kind of analysis, we can see that attempts to raise tax revenues by raising tax rates simply doesn’t work. Consider the massive increase in personal income-tax rates imposed by President Clinton and a Democratic Congress in 1993. Compare actual total tax revenues for the four years from 1993 to 1996 to what had been estimated by CBO in 1992 before the tax hikes took effect. Despite increasing the top tax rate on incomes by 16 percent to 28 percent, actual revenues only beat the 1992 estimate by less than 1 percent.

So what led to the gusher of tax revenues in the late 1990s that helped to put the federal budget into surplus? Simple: It was the capital-gains tax cut engineered by a Republican Congress in 1997. Compare actual total tax revenues for the three years from 1997 to 1999 to what had been previously estimated by CBO in January 1997. Despite cutting the capital-gains tax rate by 28 percent, actual total revenues beat the 1997 estimate by more than 11 percent.

As Luskin points out, these are actual numbers, not estimates or the rambling guesswork of politicians or pundits. The same thing happened in the ‘80’s. The Reagan tax cuts ultimately resulted in the most massive infusion of revenue any government anywhere in the world had ever seen. But what about the persistent myth that tax cuts cause deficits? Well, it is exactly that, a myth. When a deficit follows a tax cut and its resultant revenue boost, the deficit is the result of spending, not tax cuts. Here’s how that works: I don’t recall the exact number, but Congress in the post-war era overspent revenue at a rate of say $1.25 spent for every dollar in revenue. At that rate, if you have $100 in revenue, you spend $125, a $25 deficit. Spend at the same rate and increase your revenue to $1000. Now you spend $1250, a $250 deficit. Get it? Unless you reduce the rate of spending, as revenues increase deficits will increase too.

So what balanced the federal budget in the second half of the ‘90’s? The fiscally conservative congress which took over in 1994 and actually reduced the rate of spending, the 1997 capital gains tax cut… and billions of actual cash dollars transferred from Social Security and used to pay down debt and get to that “budget surplus” Clintonistas like to crow about.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


U.S. agrees to support terrorist regime

A senior State Department envoy has confirmed that the U.S. will continue to provide aid to the Palestinians, bolstering and supporting the terrorist Hamas organization which now constitutes the government of the Palestinian pseudo-state:

The United States will continue sending humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people even after a Hamas government is formed, a senior U.S. envoy told Palestinian leaders during the first high-level meeting between the two sides since Hamas' election victory.

State Department envoy David Welch said the U.S. continues "to be devoted to the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people and we shall remain so." Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Welch told Palestinian officials that U.S. aid would be redirected, but Welch did not specify how.

Erekat noted that hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid flow directly into infrastructure projects every year, and not into Palestinian government coffers.

"We urged the U.S. administration to continue helping the Palestinian people, as it did in previous years," Erekat said after the meeting. "They have never transferred a single dollar to the Palestinian Authority directly. The money was being transferred via non-governmental organizations."

The U.S. and the EU consider Hamas a terror organization and have threatened to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in aid if Hamas doesn't abandon its violent campaign against Israel.

Sadly, an empty threat.

It seems we never learn.

You can not distinguish between “humanitarian aid” for a society that chose, in an open election, to be governed by a gang of terrorist thugs and murderers, and the government made up of thugs and murderers. Any and all aid you provide will serve to prop up the government. The people of the Palestinian pseudo-state have chosen to become a terrorist pseudo-state, and any support of the Palestinians is support of terrorism. Period.

Remember “Oil for Food”? Yeah, that was to provide “humanitarian aid” to the Iraqi people. It paid bribes, built palaces, and bought weapons.

Arafat and his cronies stole untold millions, perhaps billions, in “aid” money, money that ended up in their European bank accounts, while pretending, for the benefit of western audiences, that they were unable, despite their best efforts, to stop the terrorist attacks they openly supported and encouraged at home.

Elections are supposed to have consequences. The consequences of electing Hamas, an avowed and unrelenting terrorist organization, should be treatment as a terrorist pseudo-state.

Instead, we will start the Arafat game all over again, where we threaten to cut off aid, and they promise to do what they can to stop the terrorist attacks, and we give them money for telling us what we want to hear.

And look the other way while they do what we say is unacceptable.

[for a previous post on this topic, go here]


New Jersey legislator seeks to circumvent driver residency requirement

In an effort that echoes the Massachusetts movement to give "in state" college tuition credits to illegal aliens, a New Jersey legislator is seeking to circumvent the post-9/11 federal requirement that driver's licenses be granted only upon proof of residency.

TRENTON, N.J. --A New Jersey assemblyman is pushing to create a "driving privilege" card that would allow undocumented immigrants to motor legally on New Jersey roads.
Assemblyman Joseph Vas, D-Perth Amboy, is fine-tuning a bill that would allow Garden State residents to obtain driver's licenses even if they can't prove they are legally in the United States.

The initiative aims to get around the pending federal "Real ID" program, which in 2008 will require state motor vehicle departments to verify legal residency of driver's license applicants. Driver's licenses from states that do not comply will no longer be usable as ID to board airplanes or enter federal buildings.

In anticipation, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has begun requiring new and renewing license applicants to prove legal residency.

Vas postponed a scheduled news conference Thursday morning in hope of melding his proposal with initiatives by Assemblyman Brian Stack, D-Union City.

Wendy Martinez, Stack's chief of staff, said such a bill is still in the discussion stage.
"We are looking to explore the possibility, but not committing ourselves," Martinez said. Stack, a member of the Assembly Transportation and Public Works Committee, "is very much concerned with guaranteeing the safety of motorists and pedestrians in a bill that would address the concerns about people driving uninsured and without a license."

Look boys and girls, here’s the basic problem: these people are CRIMINALS. They are here illegally, in violation of law, they are lawbreakers. Here’s a thought…instead of giving them driving privileges, give them a ticket back to wherever they came from.

Oh, sorry, my mistake. They’re not illegal aliens, they are undocumented immigrants. And since they’ve already managed to get here without regard for our immigration laws, there’s no reason to deny them driving privileges:

Advocates say undocumented immigrants are already in New Jersey, and driving, so it serves the interest of public safety to make sure they are also passing driving tests.

"We need to stop being hypocrites and not accepting that they are an important part of the economy of our state," said Martin Perez, president of the Latino Leadership Alliance. "If we use this labor force, we have to assume some responsibility for making sure they get to their jobs legally and safely."

That’s right, Mr. Perez, it is the responsibility of the law abiding citizens to “assume responsibility” for making sure the illegal immigrants can legally drive to their illegal jobs.

How about instead we assume responsibility for sending them back where they came from, and stop finding ways to make life easier for people who disregard our laws and come to our country illegally.

By the way, the whole "insurance" argument is a red herring. In most states getting a license in no way requires you to actually have insurance. In most states, you just sign a form that says you have insurance. Even in those states that actually require you to show an insurance "card", it's not too tough to print your own, or pay for insurance for a month and use the card you get to get your "driving privilege card", good for years. But, none of these people would ever circumvent any kind of insurance requirement, right? It’s not like they have a demonstrated history of circumventing the law, right? Oh, unless you count that little “immigration” thing.

There are, however, signs that not everyone in the New Jersey legislature is an idiot:

Assemblyman Christopher Connors, R-Lacey Township, has reintroduced a bill to prohibit the state from granting any license, contract, loan or tax abatement to individuals who cannot prove they are legal residents.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


New Ohio License plate sure to anger ACLU

This license plate became available in Ohio yesterday, as a "specialty plate" for an additional $10 fee. Wonder how many lawsuits were filed today?

(Image from NewsNet 5, website of Channel 5, Cleveland ABC affiliate)

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Russia joins crowd surrendering to Muslim cultural demands

Russia, once the tough guy of both Europe and Asia, has joined the rising tide of cowering nations intimidated by the Muslim cartoon riots, with prosecutors investigating the editor of a paper which ran the Muhammad cartoons and the government shutting down another paper which ran an original cartoon:

Russian prosecutors opened an investigation into the editor of a newspaper that reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, and another paper was ordered closed Friday after publishing a cartoon depicting Muhammad along with Jesus, Moses and Buddha.

The Prosecutor General's office said the Nash Region newspaper in the Vologda region, some 310 miles northeast of Moscow, have started a probe of Anna Smirnova on charges of using her position to incite hatred.

Smirnova's Nash Region newspaper, which published the cartoons this week, was the first such reprint by a Russian media outlet of the caricatures, which were first published in Denmark and have caused widespread outrate in the Muslim world.

This appears to have become the pattern: publishing the cartoons, or, increasingly, ANY image which does not measure up to Muslim religious standards, is "inciting hatred". Civilized nations started down this road when they began to legislate political correctness. In Russia, they're now taking the next step, and anything Muslims find offensive is going to be labeled as "abusing media freedom":

Separately, the mayor of the southern city of Volgograd said his order to close the City News was intended "to prevent incitement of enmity on religious national and social grounds, and also to stop the abuse of media freedom," according to an administration statement.

The drawing in the newspaper illustrated an article titled "Racists Can't Be in the Government" and depicted Jesus, Moses, Buddha and the Prophet Muhammad watching television. The TV screen showed two groups of people about to start a fist fight, and the drawing was accompanied by a caption that reads, "We did not teach you that."

Difficult to see how that cartoon is inflammatory, other than to the interpretation of Islam that prohibits any image of Muhammad. So now, the rest of the world is going to be required to observe Muslim religious principles or face the rage of Muslim mobs. And the reaction of Russia's "responsible" Muslim establishment is telling:

Russia's top Muslim authority, the Council of Muftis, said that the caricatures published by the Russian media had insulted Muslims.

"The Islamic culture bans all images of Prophet Muhammad, not only those which show disrespect. The Prophet mustn't be depicted in any context," the council said in a statement on its Web site.

The statement added that the council was not urging authorities to respond to publications, proceeding from the assumption that "authorities themselves must calculate and avert possible consequences of such publications."

Notice a pattern here? Do what the Muslims want or face the consequences, murder and mayhem.

Intimidation, plain and simple.

And it's working.

[also posted at BabbleFest]

Friday, February 17, 2006


Arkansas chicken saved by mouth-to-beak resuscitation

Something weird out of Arkadelphia, Arkansas:

Sometimes a chicken does have lips, just not her own.

Marian Morris saved her brother's exotic chicken, Boo Boo, by administering mouth-to-beak resuscitation on the fowl after it was found floating faced down in the family's pond.

Morris, a retired nurse in Arkadelphia, Ark., said she hadn't had any practice with CPR in years. But her experience with the chicken taught her she "still had it."

For Boo Boo's sake, Morris said she's glad she still can do it.

Morris said, "I breathed into its beak, and its dad-gum eyes popped open. I breathed into its beak again, and its eyes popped open again." She told her brother to keep the bird warm.

Morris said the chicken is called Boo Boo because the bird is easily frightened. The family figures Boo Boo was startled and flopped into the pond.



Offensive Images

Want to see some really offensive images?

Over at Babblefest, in the emsGallery Module, we've posted images from September 11. Somehow, I find those images much more worthy of violent protest than the Muhammad cartoons.


Jury Clears Flying Shrimp of Death

Every once in a while, the legal system has a sudden attack of common sense:

MINEOLA, New York (AP) -- A jury took two hours Thursday to reject a widow's claim that her husband's death resulted from an injury he suffered while ducking a piece of flying shrimp at a Benihana steakhouse.

The family of Jerry Colaitis, 47, had sought $10 million from the Japanese steakhouse chain, accusing it of direct responsibility for his death in 2001.

Benihana chefs are famous for their fast and furious knives and food-tossing stunts.

The lawsuit claimed the Long Island man wrenched his neck after a chef tossed a piece of shrimp at a family birthday party.

In the months after the party, Colaitis was treated by several doctors for various ailments and underwent surgery to relieve numbness in his arm.

Five months after that, he checked into a hospital with a high fever and died. His family said the fever was a complication of the surgery.

"This man was a rock," Colaitis family attorney Andre Ferenzo told the jury.

"Benihana and only Benihana set in motion the forces ... that led to his death."

The family claimed the unidentified chef tossed shrimp at the partygoers three times -- the last time at Colaitis -- and refused to stop even after their pleas.

Benihana attorney Charles Connick disputed the notion that a chef who relies on tips from customers would ignore such a request.

"I scratch my head and I wonder, is it conceivable to you?" Connick asked the jury.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Jimmy Carter: Circumvent US law to keep supporting Palestinians

Buried in a FoxNews report on post-election palestinian demonstrations is the news that Jimmy Carter is advocating that the US government circumvent US law in order to continue financially propping up the palestinian pseudo-state:

Former President Carter said the United States, by law, would have to cut off direct funding to the Palestinian Authority as soon as Hamas takes control, but it should look for other ways to give money to the Palestinians, such as through the United Nations. Hamas has been branded a terrorist group by the U.S. and Europe.

"United States law would require that the money would be cut off if Hamas is in the government, so that's a foregone conclusion," Carter told The Associated Press.


Carter said the United States should increase its donations to U.N. and other aid groups earmarked for the Palestinians to make up for the cut in direct aid "so that the people can still continue to have food and shelter and health care and education."

The U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem said the United States gave the Palestinian Authority $400 million in direct aid last year.

Carter met Friday with Abbas, who told him that the Palestinian Authority did not even have enough money to pay salaries at the end of the month, even with foreign aid.If the aid is cut off, "it would create an element of chaos unless the money is made up by other sources," he said. "If the Arab countries come through and the European countries continue to help and maybe Japan, they could continue to operate."

Hey! I just found a $400,000,000.00 budget cut!

As usual, Carter's naive view of world events keeps him from seeing reality. The palestinian pseudo-state (created largely as a result of Carter's embrace of Yassir Arafat as a de-facto "head of state" instead of the terrorist thug he was) is a horror show. Arafat and his cronies stole hundreds of millions in aid and stashed it in European bank accounts. Health care consists of trying to get into Israeli hospitals for free treatment (sometimes with a bomb strapped around your waist) or "palestinian" facilities rendered inadequate by the ramapant graft and corruption. Education involves a "kill the Jews" curriculum, complete with class pictures in masked suicide bomber attire and indoctrination into violent street demonstrations and suicide bombing as "holy martyrdom". The fastest-growing and most profitable segment of the economy is digging arms-smuggling tunnels. And a recent UN-sposored "palestinian cultural celebration" included maps of the region with Israel gone and the area labeled as "Palestine".

This is not stuff I'm making up, or even exaggerating. This is all from recent news reports. Don't believe it? Go do your own research, and here's your first hint: don't rely on the NY Times. You have to dig a bit to find the truth.

These are the people who danced in the streets on 9/11.

These are the people who elected a terrorist gang to run their government.

Elections have consequences. By electing a terrorist gang to be their government, they have now chosen to become a terrorist pseudo-state.

Not one dime.

Not one friggin' dime for the palestinians until their new "government" recognizes the State of Israel and outlaws terrorism, or "martyrdom", or suicide bombing or homicide bombing or "resistance" or whatever they want to call it. A "truce" or "cease fire" can not be considered sufficient. A terrorist state offering a truce is still a terrorist state.

Not one dime.

And any nation that continues to support that goverment, whether European, Arab, Asian or Martian, must be considered as supporting terrorism.

The true legacy of Jimmy Carter and his pal Arafat is the legitimization of terrorism as a diplomatic tool in the middle east. Time to start wiping out that legacy.

The Hamas terrorists wanted to run the palestinian "state". The palestinians have chosen to let them. Until they renounce terrorism - completely, including not just the streets but the schools and the mosques - they must be treated as the terrorist "state" they have chosen to be.

Not one dime.


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