Saturday, January 28, 2006


Jimmy Carter: Circumvent US law to keep supporting Palestinians

Buried in a FoxNews report on post-election palestinian demonstrations is the news that Jimmy Carter is advocating that the US government circumvent US law in order to continue financially propping up the palestinian pseudo-state:

Former President Carter said the United States, by law, would have to cut off direct funding to the Palestinian Authority as soon as Hamas takes control, but it should look for other ways to give money to the Palestinians, such as through the United Nations. Hamas has been branded a terrorist group by the U.S. and Europe.

"United States law would require that the money would be cut off if Hamas is in the government, so that's a foregone conclusion," Carter told The Associated Press.


Carter said the United States should increase its donations to U.N. and other aid groups earmarked for the Palestinians to make up for the cut in direct aid "so that the people can still continue to have food and shelter and health care and education."

The U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem said the United States gave the Palestinian Authority $400 million in direct aid last year.

Carter met Friday with Abbas, who told him that the Palestinian Authority did not even have enough money to pay salaries at the end of the month, even with foreign aid.If the aid is cut off, "it would create an element of chaos unless the money is made up by other sources," he said. "If the Arab countries come through and the European countries continue to help and maybe Japan, they could continue to operate."

Hey! I just found a $400,000,000.00 budget cut!

As usual, Carter's naive view of world events keeps him from seeing reality. The palestinian pseudo-state (created largely as a result of Carter's embrace of Yassir Arafat as a de-facto "head of state" instead of the terrorist thug he was) is a horror show. Arafat and his cronies stole hundreds of millions in aid and stashed it in European bank accounts. Health care consists of trying to get into Israeli hospitals for free treatment (sometimes with a bomb strapped around your waist) or "palestinian" facilities rendered inadequate by the ramapant graft and corruption. Education involves a "kill the Jews" curriculum, complete with class pictures in masked suicide bomber attire and indoctrination into violent street demonstrations and suicide bombing as "holy martyrdom". The fastest-growing and most profitable segment of the economy is digging arms-smuggling tunnels. And a recent UN-sposored "palestinian cultural celebration" included maps of the region with Israel gone and the area labeled as "Palestine".

This is not stuff I'm making up, or even exaggerating. This is all from recent news reports. Don't believe it? Go do your own research, and here's your first hint: don't rely on the NY Times. You have to dig a bit to find the truth.

These are the people who danced in the streets on 9/11.

These are the people who elected a terrorist gang to run their government.

Elections have consequences. By electing a terrorist gang to be their government, they have now chosen to become a terrorist pseudo-state.

Not one dime.

Not one friggin' dime for the palestinians until their new "government" recognizes the State of Israel and outlaws terrorism, or "martyrdom", or suicide bombing or homicide bombing or "resistance" or whatever they want to call it. A "truce" or "cease fire" can not be considered sufficient. A terrorist state offering a truce is still a terrorist state.

Not one dime.

And any nation that continues to support that goverment, whether European, Arab, Asian or Martian, must be considered as supporting terrorism.

The true legacy of Jimmy Carter and his pal Arafat is the legitimization of terrorism as a diplomatic tool in the middle east. Time to start wiping out that legacy.

The Hamas terrorists wanted to run the palestinian "state". The palestinians have chosen to let them. Until they renounce terrorism - completely, including not just the streets but the schools and the mosques - they must be treated as the terrorist "state" they have chosen to be.

Not one dime.

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