Monday, January 31, 2005


The Moral Superiority of Old Europe

Ah yes, Old Europe. The culture. The sophistication. The worldliness. None of that crass American provincialism or ignorance. Old Europe, admired by liberals as the epitome of human civilization, societies which have progressed beyond the greedy selfishness of America, and realize that the citizen is entitled to the full social protection of the state, paid for by the taxes of other citizens. Free of the backward morality of the drooling bible-thumping imbeciles who populate the American heartland, Old Europe is the enlightened, open-minded model for modern society.

Uh huh.

Germany recently joined other modern open-minded socially liberal nations in Europe and legalized prostitution. With the un-freakin'-believable result that a woman who declined work as a prostitute is in danger of losing her unemployment benefits for declining a position of gainful employment.
Little Green Footballs has the story.

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