Thursday, February 10, 2005


Bits and Pieces from Here and There

During the presidential election campaign, Thomas Lipscomb did yeoman’s duty debunking the serial fictionalizations spouted by the empty suit from Massachusetts. Kerry’s recent performances have been embarrassing, as he obviously tries to make it up as he goes along, always spinning a new tale to explain the last. Lipscomb revisits the subject of the tall tales of John Forbes Kerry HERE.

Municipal elections are being held in Saudi Arabia, beginning today. Of those taking note of the event, most are disparaging, complaining that the elections, from which women are excluded, are a sham, a meaningless pretense at faux reform. I see it a little differently: for a mediaeval kingdom, ANY election is a major event. And the Saudi royal family may soon find that a little reform is a dangerous thing. Just ask Mikhail Gorbachev. The Saudi elections are the topic of discussion at
LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS. And see a news report HERE.

AIDS. Jacques Chirac wants to institute a world tax over it; story after story and report after report decry it as the modern equivalent of the black death that decimated the population of Europe in the middle ages. But is it possible that this perception is partly hype? What is the truth about this epidemic? This story has been percolating below the radar for several weeks now. Well, it’s not below the radar at DEAN’S' WORLD. A series of blog entries and comments have been sliced and diced into what is essentially a blogged book.

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