Sunday, February 20, 2005


The Law of the Sea Treaty Must Not Be Ratified

From The Great Pontificator

The Bush administration has been steadfast in refusing to go along with the internationalist pressures to cede US sovreignty to the United Nations, resisting the Kyoto Accord (nothing more than a welfare program for third world nations without industrial facilities) and the International Criminal Court (sure, countries like Iran and North Korea are going to sit in judgment over American citizens).

Surprisingly, the administration has announced that it is reversing itself and now supports the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). This is a bad idea, plain and simple. It will allow the UN to determine when and under what circumstances ships may be stopped and boarded at sea.This means the current "stop and frisk" quasi embargo being queitly carried out to prevent North Korea from exporting nuclear materials would probably be ordered halted.Maritime disputes would be subject to the binding judgment of an international court, with no way of predicting which nations might be sitting in judgment.

Most frightening of all, and I do mean frightening, it would cede to the UN the power to TAX American citizens and companies, in the form of licenses and fees.

This treaty MUST NOT BE RATIFIED. Write , call or email your senators, and senate majority leader Bill Frist, and let them know in no uncertain terms that you oppose the ratification of this grant of power to the UN.

UPDATE: HERE is a site where you can find e-mail addresses for many U.S. Senators (members of the House of Representatives, too). And HERE is an official Senate site that gives mailing addresses. Most Senators’ listings also provide for an internet-based contact form.

UPDATE II: Cap'n Ed over at CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS has more detail on the Law of the Sea Treaty.

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