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The Politics of Population

Check out the map of Europe posted above. Look a little strange? Of course it does. This is one of those funny little images that floats around the internet, getting e-mailed and forwarded repeatedly and giving a chuckle to the recipients.

Now go read
THIS ARTICLE, come back, look at this map of Europe, and let’s see if you’re still laughing. Pavel Kohout has put together a powerful argument, based largely on simple demographics, for the proposition that this funny map of Europe may not be quite so far off the mark. Kohout argues that the socialist economies of Europe, which are in part responsible for the declining birthrates among their populations, coupled with large scale muslim immigration and higher birthrates among muslims, will result in the immigrants replacing the current populations:

State pensions systems eliminated the natural economic incentive to have children. At the same time, the welfare state is an enormously costly luxury that has to be financed from taxes. High payroll-tax and social security contributions reduce the earning capacity of people in fertile age. Thus, they push down birth rates as well.

Culture seems to play an even more crucial role than taxes or pension systems. The countries of the former Soviet Union are an interesting "demographic laboratory" in this respect. We have already mentioned Ukraine, Baltic States, and Russia. The situation in the Muslim republics -- Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan -- is completely different: almost all of them are living a population explosion. The living standard in these countries is close to that of Georgia or Armenia, i.e. poor. But Georgia and Armenia suffer from the same demographic shock as, for instance, the Baltic States. The difference lies in the traditionally Christian character of the latter countries. The position of women in society is perhaps a little different from that of the rich European countries, but comparing to Muslim countries these differences do not count much. In terms of birth rate, they are almost negligible. Armenia will lose a quarter of its population by 2050, while the population of the neighboring Azerbaijan will surge by a third.

Instead of integration of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa into a majority European society, the opposite will occur: the immigrants will integrate the existing European culture into their own civilization. After some time, it will be their civilization that will become dominant. One does not have to be a supporter of Jean-Marie Le Pen to feel a little anxious about that. It is not a problem of ethnics and their mingling. It is a matter of society, its values, and democracy as such. European tolerance competes with Islam, which is not always a religion of peace, as many Europeans would like to believe. Radical Islamic preachers openly condemn democracy. They interpret it not as a social system but as a pagan cult, which prefers the voices of people to the voice of God. This and other theories of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and his conservative fellow-believers are proclaimed in many mosques throughout Europe.

And before you think “that’s what the Europeans deserve, with their foolish immigration policies and obsessive refusal to require immigrants to integrate into society”, take a look at THIS PIECE by Christopher G. Adamo and give some thought to what the United States is accomplishing, with their foolish immigration policies and obsessive refusal to require immigrants to integrate into society:

During a January 28 radio interview, Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez threatened the state of Arizona with legal action through the international courts in order to overturn Proposition 200, a ballot initiative lawfully passed last fall to curb state expenditures on illegal aliens.

Derbez plans to initially use the "legal capacities" of the United States to achieve his goal. But if that doesn't work, he will resort to the intervention of "international tribunals."

Of course, Derbez is not acting alone. Mexican President Vicente Fox has long rejected the term "illegal alien," claiming instead that the invaders are "undocumented workers" and thus displaying a complete disregard for American law.
Fox has been unrestrained in his contempt for the very concept of American sovereignty, promoting the concept of "dual citizenship" whereby Mexican immigrants would conceivably be eligible to vote in both countries.
Increasingly, his long-term goal appears to be an effort to transform the American Southwest into a Mexican "Sudetenland," which was the heavily Germanic region of Czechoslovakia that Hitler exploited as an excuse to invade and occupy that country.

DIANE ALDEN has written a three part series, BORDERLINE INSANITY, which is a must read for those concerned with the effects of immigration, both legal and illegal, and the problems resulting from the failure to assimilate immigrants.

Consider, too, the palestinian demand for the “right of return” to be recognized by Israel. Never mind the fact that Israel never expelled the palestinians, that these people left voluntarily, sometimes at the urging of their Arab friends and neighbors. This insistence upon the “right of return” should fool no one: palestinians, discouraged in their efforts to kill off the Israelis and disappointed by the repeated failure of their Arab friends and neighbors to eradicate Israel (certainly not for lack of trying), have hit upon the “right of return” as a way to destroy Israel by simply overwhelming its population, and turning Jews into a minority in the Jewish state of Israel.

Whether by design, as in the case of Mexico and the palestinians, or by the tide of events, as in the case of legal unassimilated immigrant populations and differences in birth rates, the Western democracies are in danger of being destroyed by their own ridiculous immigration policies and slavish dedication to “multiculturalism”.

And the ultimate irony is that the policy of “multiculturalism” will finally lead to societies in which the original populations, those who enforced the policy, will be overwhelmed by those who have no interest in allowing those who invited them in, or tolerated their presence, to persist in retaining their own cultures.

Simply a matter of birthrates.

And Germany financially supports births
in their country.

And Canada provides tax credits for parents
of newborn.

Unintended consequences predominate.

Mexicans and Muslims go for larger families.
Ever hear of something called cycle of power? Western civilization started to be the dominant one about 400 years ago. Is it now finally declining? Maybe, maybe...
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