Monday, February 14, 2005


Thoughts on the Iraqi Election Results

The results are in, and despite all the dire predictions the Iraqi elections appear to have been a resounding success. Not perfect, by any means, but no election ever is…unless of course you’re Saddam Hussein and voting is mandatory with your name already selected on the ballot.

For those who complained, before a single ballot was ever cast, that the election was just a sham to lend the appearance of legitimacy to winners predetermined by the Bush administration, the outcome will make no difference. Never mind that the winners were not the folks the U.S. would have picked. Never mind that the outcome looks like what might reasonably have been expected. To the usual suspects on the far left, those facts are just proof positive of the conspiracy between the Bush administration and the people who would not have been chosen by the Bush administration, who really were in fact chosen by the Bush administration, for the very reason that they were the people the Bush administration would not have chosen. Or maybe it’s just that Karl Rove’s evil mind control ray works at really long distance, and he’s hypnotized the people who wouldn’t be the administration’s first choice so that now they are the administration’s first choice precisely because they are the people who would not be the administration’s first choice…

Just remember, these are the same nuts who figure Ohio was really going to vote for Kerry except some guy in Cleveland said he had to wait in line, and two people in Cincinnati said they were intimidated because they thought someone might ask their names, and that shifted over 130,000 votes, and besides, the election must have been stolen because look at the exit polls, and… Yeah. Sure.

For those who complained, before a single ballot was cast, that Iraq was in a state of chaos and elections were impossible, the turnout, apparently finally set at 58 or 59%, will make no difference, because the Sunnis weren’t included in the voting in sufficient numbers. Well, when your group decides to boycott the election, and they call your bluff and go ahead and hold the election without you, that’s what happens. You get left out! That’s how democracy works. You participate, or you get left out!

I assume, and there is every indication, that those who did participate, at risk of life and limb, will now make some kind of accommodation for those who decided to sit this one out. That may be the most practical course of action. But people like Senator Joe Biden need to stop talking about it as if the Sunnis are “entitled” to such an accommodation. They are not entitled to anything except…to get left out! Maybe next time, they’ll show up to vote.

As is normally the case with all things Iraq, CHRENKOFF has both excellent analysis and a number of good links. This is a really long and really thorough posting – well worth the time to read every word, but leave yourself some time. The links are so extensive it’s like going to the library. You remember the library…you know, where they had books…printed on paper?

The elections are as big of success as the 1967 "elections" in VietNam. Resounding, Sir, we're doing just fine over there!

As for the exit polls comment, from your writing I don't expect you to be able to understand statistical distribution.

Take it from someone educated: the elections were necessarily rigged.
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