Thursday, March 10, 2005


More on the "Really Odd Couple"

I have previously posted on several occasions on items I’ve picked up from MIKE EVANS’ HOLLYWOOD REPORT, a syndicated radio morning show spot (sorry, I absolutely can not get a link to Mike’s website to work…I’ve tried every time I mention him). Specifically, HERE, I posted that former Presidents Bush the Elder and Bill Clinton had gotten to be pretty good friends on the “Tsunami Relief Tour”. Good enough friends to plan a fishing trip together. This morning Mike is reporting that Clinton will be accompanied to the hospital for his surgery by Hillary, Chelsea, and former President Bush. These two ex-presidents have apparently become very good friends…it is almost reminiscent of the close friendship that developed between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, longtime archrivals, after their departure from national politics.

Hope all goes well with Clinton’s surgery. Even “minor, routine” procedures carry significant risk, and while I might not be a big Clinton fan, I certainly wish him well.

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