Sunday, March 06, 2005


Social Security is Just Fine Because I Hate Bush

President Bush proposes modest changes to Social Security. Voluntary partial private accounts not tied to any reduction in present benefits, and calculating benefits based on the cost of living instead of the rising wage levels of those still working.

The reaction from most Democrats? "Social Security is just perfect, and you're Hitler. Oh, and a chimpanzee, too! So there!"

Alan Greenspan cautiously endorses these modest proposals. So Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid calls Greenspan "a political hack".

As I have said before, if you are smarter than my toaster, you can figure out there's a problem with Social Security. That doesn't mean you like Bush, or like his ideas on the subject. It just means you're not a moron who can't do simple mathematical calculations.

Think of it like your checking account: more going out than coming in. Hmmmm. That's a problem. More money being paid out of social security to people collecting than being payed in. Hmmmmm. Nope, no problem there!

So why can't this be discussed, intelligently, as an issue? Why can't everybody look at the facts and start working on solutions?

Nope. Can't have that. Gotta go immediately into full attack mode. If Bush remarked that the sky is blue, the response would be "No sir. And you're Hitler. And a chimpanzee. So there."

Has political discussion in this country really deteriorated to the level of a
Monty Python skit?

I'm in favor of Bush's proposals, and I personally would go a heck of a lot further with restructuring the system. But then, I'm a Nazi who wants to destroy the American dream. Oh, and a chimpanzee, too.

Hey, nice blog. In fact it pretty much rocks! I may ost your link on my blog.
I don't disagree that social security needs help. I don't believe it's a crisis at this point. One of the easiest things we could do to help the system would be to lift the cap of 90,000 and tax full income of the wealthy. The other could be to end benefits of the wealthy who really don't need social security anway.
The same people booing the President's proposal on SS partial privatization are the same ones who were giving President Clinton a standing "O" for saying the exact, same thing in his 1998 State of the Union Address! It's fun to play with the Dems in the workplace on this one. DEM: "Bush is going to wreck SS!". ME: "Yeah, I thought it was an awful idea when President Clinton proposed it back in 1998. President Bush isn't capable of coming up with any ideas of his own.".

It's funny watching their faces twist all up in confusion as they force themselves to agree with me... "Yeah. Really? That was Clinton's idea?". "Yeah. Dig up his 1998 State of the Union. You'll see.".

Sorry for the long response, I just think it's hillarious! Great blog. I'm going to add a link to you someday soon.
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