Sunday, March 20, 2005


Sunday Siteseeing Drive

Back in the days when the family car was something of a novelty, and considered a sort of recreational vehicle, families used to “go out for a drive” on Sunday afternoons. People really did it, it’s where the expression “Sunday driver” comes from. You know, the guy in front of you who isn’t in as big a hurry as you, maybe isn’t in a hurry at all. In fact, he’s just kind of meandering along like he’s out sight-seeing.

The disappearance of this custom, once widespread, seems to have coincided with the rise of television and pretty much vanished completely by about 1970.

What I have for you today is a sort of a blogger’s Sunday drive, a grab bag of sites that are, in my subjective opinion, worth a look. Let’s face it, us little guys never get enough links, and this is my way of giving a pat on the back to the bloggers out there who aren’t getting TV spots or collecting $100,000 in donations, but are still putting their heart into getting something out there for all to see.

These are sites I’ve stumbled across in one way or another. Some have a viewpoint I agree with, and some I wouldn’t agree with if they tied me to a stake and lit me on fire. Some are completely non-political, and interesting for another reason. Maybe they’re just very well-written, or maybe they’re here because of the sheer weirdness of their whole concept. Some actually contain useful information.

No personal endorsement is intended or given, no reciprocal links or visits are required or expected. But I have visited each site personally, so I can assure you that you won’t suddenly find yourself looking at graphic images on the homepage of the Hamster-eating dandelion-worshipping naked dancing society. At least, not without a warning. Although, if there WAS such a site, it would probably make the list under the “weirdness” standard.

So here you go, the Sunday site-seeing tour is underway.

NIF: Recent heavy emphasis on the Schiavo case, a tragedy any way you look at it; scroll down, this site has a HUGE collection of links on a wide variety of topics, from Michael Jackson to video gaming; Webmaster's Profit Center: Oriented to increasing traffic to, and making money with, your blog or website; Reformed Politics: Right-of-Center blog, informative discussion of differences among evangelical Christians; Crochet Happy: Now here’s one where the name pretty much says it all; Zardozz News and Satire: Commentary on a variety of subjects, recent postings on the baseball steroid mess; BLOGCETRA Some of this, some of that…it will take me longer to explain it than it will take you to go look at it; Ravings of a Mad Tech For a help desk technician’s blog, this sure has a lot to say about illegal immigration; Science and Space Space and astronomy articles. Some interesting stuff here you’d have to really hunt to find on your own; Blogs Gone Wild Web design services, including Blogger template modifications…for those who have not yet made their first web billion; PAULTECH: Computer and technical information actually comprehensible by human beings not using pocket protectors. A bunch of really useful links; Democratic Peace: This is a pretty hardcore political theory spot… not for the intellectually lazy, or the faint-hearted.

OK, that’s the end of the Sunday Drive. I’m considering making a more or less regular feature of this, so please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think…or to plug your own blog for future inclusion.

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