Sunday, April 03, 2005


Displaced Bloggers: A growing epidemic?

Pooklekufr: The Kafir Constitutionalist, has become a displaced person. Well, sort of. Tormented by Blogger’s apparently expanding and increasingly malicious gremlin squad, he has pulled up stakes and relocated at Hamstermotor. Well, sort of. He actually seems to be maintaining both spots for the time being. Truthfully, I feel for the guy. He is one of the truly active and involved characters out there blogging, and trying to fully relocate his spot, with its many connections around the web, has got to be no fun at all. But he seems to be enjoying his new home, so stop by and visit.

Incidentally, he is also one of the most generous bloggers around, dropping links to other folks' sites everywhere he goes, kind of like a bloggy Santa Claus passing out presents at Christmas...I can still say "Christmas" on the web, right?

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