Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Idiot gets jail time for french fry temper tantrum

From DuBois, Pennsylvania, comes this AP report on the case of a jerk who is getting some jail time after throwing a temper tantrum over french fries:

Call it a case of french fry rage. A Burger King customer who insisted on having it his way has been sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Gregg Luttman is in jail after throwing a fit in the drive-through lane of a Burger King.
Authorities said the Pennsylvania man blew his top when told the fast-food joint was out of fries. According to police, Luttman made an obscene gesture at a drive-through clerk, berated Burger King workers and nearly hit an employee with his truck.

When police tried to arrest him, Luttman allegedly scuffled with an officer and kicked out the back window of a cruiser.

Luttman pleaded guilty to a number of charges stemming from the New Year's Day fry affair, including assault and resisting arrest and institutional vandalism. Luttman was also fined $150 and ordered to serve two years' probation for the confrontation on New Year's Day.

Parents getting in fistfights at little league games, high school refs attacked by fans, fans attacked by NBA players, shoppers fighting over pre-Christmas specials, road rage … doesn’t ANYBODY in this country have any self-control anymore?

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