Wednesday, April 27, 2005


More Townsel plagiarism revealed

As usual, Little Green Footballs has got the goods:

Melody Townsel, the one-time George Soros employee and head of “Mothers Against Bush” who has “come forward” to accuse Michael Bolton of yelling at her and chasing her around a hotel, is a “serial plagiarizer”. Yesterday she posted a webfession that she had been tossed off her college paper for plagiarism, and a similar incident at another school paper resulted in the mutual decision that she should leave the paper. The similar incident was described by her as a “review of a play” that was similar to someone else’s review, but was not stolen.

Now a former editor, who discovered her plagiarism at the second school, has come forward to recount that she plagiarized a Newsweek article on famine in Africa. Is this a THIRD instance? Or did the one about the “play review” never happen? Or she got away with that one at the time and forgot it was the OTHER one, about the famine, she got caught on?

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