Monday, April 04, 2005


Some ads have more sense than others

Over at Chimps At Work, we posted some Irish jokes for St. Patrick's Day, being Irish ourselves and appreciating a good joke even if we are the butt of it. Quickly the Google Adsense bots crawled through the new post, and up came ads for beer steins, home brewing kits, bar glasses, the Guinness Web Store, and such. A pretty impressive demonstration of a practical application of "artificial intelligence", if you consider the general substance of most Irish jokes.

In response to the "Displaced Bloggers - A Growing Epidemic?" post below, we got ads for stuff like substance abuse help, drug test your teen, death records research, disease and death statistics, and a site explaining how President Bush personally caused the flu vaccine shortage.

I guess it was that word "epidemic" that got all the attention.

Some bots just have no sense of humor.

If, on the other hand, if you DO have a sense of humor, O'Neil at The Irish Brigade posted for St. Patrick's day with one of the better Irish jokes I've heard in the last few years. And perhaps a wee bit more authentically Irish in that it goes rather the long way about in gettin' to the point, don't you know.

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