Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Stuff worth looking at

Here's some stuff I found while poking around tonight, in no particular order and for no particular reason:

Audrey at
BLOGCETRA is pondering the mysterious workings of Google Ads (who isn't?) and while we're pondering life's imponderables, does anyone out there understand how (or if) Technorati actually works? Some links apparently stay on your permanent record forever (like that ugly lunchbox incident in first grade) and some disappear almost immediately. Is it a page-related thing?

STEVE'S BLOG has an analysis of the "Buy Blue" concept - let me get this straight...I can buy goods made at a red company from a blue store, but not blue-made goods from a red store? And I can't buy gasoline at all?!

MAD TECH has a long and detailed post about the fact that illegal immigration is a national, not a regional, problem. Who knew Connecticut had an illegal immigrant problem? I mean, other than people from New York and Massachusetts.

Scriptor at
HISTORIUM has been keeping occupied with such diverse topics as Genghis Khan, the U.S. Constitution, and the Ottoman Empire.

CAO'S BLOG revisits the question of John Kerry and the incredible invisible form S-180, and has links to join the weekly blogburst on that topic. Hey, would you want someone looking at your records if they showed you got a medal for shooting yourself in the butt with flying dried rice?

CUANAS has a post on the Armenian genocide (about which most Americans are abysmally ignorant) as a Turkish jihad.

Finally, Harvey at
IMAO has a list of "Totally True Tidbits About Saudi Arabia". If you're not already familiar with that site, be warned: set down the coffee cup before you enter. And for this last listing, we award a hat tip to Tom at HAMSTERMOTOR, which site I will make no effort to describe, and which you should visit regularly because it is one fast-moving site.

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