Sunday, May 01, 2005


A Little something for your toybox

Don’t you hate it when you click on a link you really want to follow, and you get one of those mandatory registration screens? I always figure they’re not collecting information matched up with my IP number just for the heck of it, but then I tend to be just a bit cynical. But if you’re like me, and don’t like spreading your personal demographics around the internet unnecessarily, here’s a little something for your toy box.

It’s called “Bug Me Not”, and you can use it to look up logins that get you around many of those registration screens. I don’t make any representations as to how well it will work with any given site, and I have no connection with it, and do not receive any benefit from providing it to you. Use it for your own purposes and at your own risk, but here it is if you want it.

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