Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Quran flushing story put to the test

The Blog SILENT RUNNING has taken the giant step in the Quran-Commode controversy that I’ve been waiting for: they’ve tested whether it’s even POSSIBLE, using an eminently more appropriate tome than Islam’s holy book for the test:

Now obviously we were not going to use an actual copy of the Quran for this test. For one thing, most of those things are quite heavy, being in hardback editions, mostly green, often with embossed covers, and we wanted to make this as fair a trial as possible. And for another, we have this odd desire to keep our heads attatched to our shoulders.

Instead, for the purposes of research we went out and got a copy of another Holy Book, "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore. It was a paperback, which we felt would give it a much better chance of attaining maximum flushability that anything in hardback. Also, it's a pile of crap and the toilet is where it belongs anyway. It cost us $21.00, and we mean that in a very real, and tax-deductible way.

Go read this, now! It’s hilarious! And it has pictures, too!

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