Sunday, May 22, 2005


Strange search results

This site came up second of 189 in an AOL search for "happy slapping", for a post I ran back in April.

Everybody has a camera phone now, right? Well, everybody but me, anyway. British teens, and even pre-teens, have found a fun new use for the popular gizmos. It’s known as
“Happy Slapping”:

But now there's a disturbing new trend emerging with the way some teens overseas are using these phones to videotape themselves slapping innocent bystanders.
Indications that "happy-slapping" may be spreading. British transport police investigating 200 incidents in the last six months.

I can see only one way to deal with this strange craze. I’m going to start a fund to send British kids to France for their summer vacation.

The original post is a bit longer, but you get the idea. Now here's the odd part: the AOL search is in French... apparently from France...and has now been re-run four times over two days by four different IP addresses. Gee, I hope I'm not causing an international incident. What if France declares war on me? I have a pretty big yard, but not big enought for a POW camp for the whole French army!How will I feed all those POW's? Where will I find that much cheese?

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