Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I released the records before I didn't release the records...

The Boston Globe, a known Kerry cheerleader, ran a story which seemed to say that they had received his complete military records pursuant to his signed SF-180...everybody who is interested has already heard this, it is old news. According to the Globe, the only "new" material was a college transcript indicating that Kerry is not exactly the towering intellect he pretended to be, in fact earning a cumulative grade average one point LOWER than that earned by President Bush, who has openly admitted partying his way through Yale and whom Kerry called an "idiot", as in "How can I be losing to that idiot."

But I noticed yesterday, the Globe story, while it suggested it had received the complete SF-180 authorized records, never actually said so. Many bloggers took it at face value, gleefully reporting Kerry's crappy grades. However, since what was posted at Kerry's website was obviously incomplete (particularly, the absent discharge record, which I have previously theorized about on this blog) and the Globe story said it had nothing new other than the college grades, I felt pretty sure the Globe had not received a full record.

By the time I got around to writing a post about it, I'm way behind the curve. Powerline has posted a communication from a reader who sounds awfully knowledgeable, and thinks he knows exactly what Kerry is up to: he's playing a shell game that shuffles the files from agency to agency and allows Kerry to pick and choose what to release and what to withhold. Powerline also discloses that Thomas Lipscomb is on the job, and that's good enough for me to just sit back and wait.

Blogs for Bush has requested, and received, a comment from Swiftboat Vets leader John O'Neill, who says the request is for Kerry to release all records for public inspection, and that is obviously not what has happened here.

I have maintained in these pages that I believe Kerry is hiding his discharge. I still believe that. I think he received a dishonorable or less than honorable discharge not for cavorting with commies in Paris ( I think the left would have trumpeted that fact, you know, war hero persecuted for exercising free speech, blah blah blah) but because he never showed up for his reserve duty after he bailed out of the Navy early...which would have really left egg on all those faces yammering about what Bush did or didn't do in Alabama.

I once heard Thomas Eagleberger describe the French as "the most duplicitous people on earth." Perhaps he had not yet crossed paths with John Kerry, whose arrogance and disdain for the average person are appaling. Can Kerry really think a smokescreen like this will work? It might have back in the days when the three networks and CNN, all solidly in his corner, were the only sources of information. It won't work now. He's just making matters worse, and there is either something really, really ugly in those rcords, or he is just plain dumber than a box of rocks, and the Kerry campaign team the most ignorant bunch of fools to run a campaign since somebody said "Hey, let's have Mikey ride around in a tank!".

If the college grades are really what he was hiding, the box of rocks is clearly much smarter than Team Kerry.

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