Thursday, June 09, 2005


A suggestion regarding Koran "desecration"

From J. P. Jones of the Ranger:

Gee whiz, five incidents - or is it nine, counting accidents - in what, over two years, where a book got stepped on, or touched through a surgical mask(!) or got water on it. Boy, Solzenitsyn (remember him? If not, you better go look him up and read about 3,000 pages before you use the word "gulag") and that bunch were a real bunch of wimps. All they had to worry about was being shot for no apparent reason, or starved to death, or used as slave labor. But to have to be concerned about someone touching your book! Now that's torture. That's a real human rights abuse for you.

Here's a politically incorrect thought for you: if they're so worried about "infidels" touching their books, take the damn books away from 'em. There, problem solved. They think the book is God's words directed to them, and they think those words are telling them to kill anybody who isn't one of them. Sorry, but I just don't see how that's suitable reading material for Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer here in the USA to be paying for. And yes, we supply each one of them a Koran at taxpayer expense. Makes sense, huh? Furnish 'em with reading material they think says it's their duty to kill us.

By the way, did you see the stand Amnesty International took protesting the ongoing persecution of Christians in China? No? Neither did anyone else.

Not only does Amnesty International, along with the other Anti-American do-gooders, give China a pass on human rights, they sure aren't complaining about anybody "desecrating" anybody's Bible, or Torah, are they? Or about the treatment of women in Muslim countries? Guess you can't crank up the publicity fund-raising machine complaining about real abuses in other countries the way you can by making inane and inflammatory anti-American statements, huh?

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