Thursday, June 02, 2005


You just never know

You just never know what might interest people most when you post stuff on a blog. In the past couple of days, while I've been too preoccupied with my paying job and yard work to pay any attention to the blog, this site has come up 7th in a MySearch.MyWay search for "Mike Evans Hollywood Report", 7th in a Google search for "Jennifer Hardee", and first in a Tecnorati search for "Narragansett Beer". Oh, and somebody landed on my blog from page 38 of a Google search for "Happy Slapping"...although how, or why, someone would wade through 37 pages of "Happy Slapping" search results only to land on my site from page 38 is something of a mystery to me. But thanks, reader, we appreciate each and every visit here at GeoBandy, and I hope the "Happy Slapping" post was worth the visit... and the time and effort!

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