Sunday, July 10, 2005


Garbuzi, sought in London bombings, also sought in Madrid bombings

Yesterday I linked to a news article that quoted French sources as stating that Mohammad al-Garbuzi, sought by investigators in the London bombings, had been convicted in absentia in Morocco and sentenced to 20 years in the Casablanca bombings that killed 44 people. Today, the Sunday Times U.K. confirms these facts, and has further information. Apparently, Garbuzi is also wanted by Spanish authorities in connection with the Madrid bombings:

A BRITISH-BASED Islamic leader sought in connection with the Madrid bombings was last year convicted of a terrorist attack in which 44 people died.

Mohammed al-Garbuzi, from northwest London, was found guilty of being involved in the terrorist attacks in Casablanca last May. Al-Garbuzi is alleged to be the founder and leader of the Group of Islamic Combatants of Morocco (GICM), one of the groups suspected of plotting the Madrid attacks in which 202 people died.

A court in Morocco heard last year that al-Garbuzi had played a key role in the Casablanca attacks, raising funds for the operation and forging passports. He was sentenced to 20 years in his absence. Al-Garbuzi denies the charges or any involvement in GICM.

Sir John Stevens, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said last week there were suspected links between Britain and the Madrid attack. Intelligence officers are trying to establish whether British-based operatives gave logististic support and funds to the Madrid terrorists.

One of the Spanish bombers presently on trial made numerous phone calls to numbers in Britain, and it is apparently this link that has Spanish authorities looking for Garbuzi. The source I cited yesterday stated unequivocally that Garbuzi had been granted asylum by Britain ten years ago and had since lived in London, disappearing from his apartment some months ago. That account also quoted “French judicial officials” as saying that Morocco had requested Garbuzi’s extradition after his conviction, and had been rebuffed.

I have been unable, as yet, to locate a source to corroborate that information.

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