Saturday, July 09, 2005


Italy cracks down on terrorism suspects

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in London, Italian authorities instituted stepped-up security measures at possible terrorist targets throughout the country, and then went on the offensive, rounding up and arresting terrorism suspects. Wasting no time, expulsion orders have already been issued for over one-third of those arrested.

Police said Saturday they had arrested 142 people in a two-day anti-terrorism security sweep around Milan prompted by the bombings two days earlier in London.

Some 2,000 carabinieri fanned out across the Lombardy region, stepping up patrols around train stations, subways, commercial centers and other sensitive sites, the regional commander of the paramilitary police, Gen. Antonio Girone, said in a phone interview.

Girone said the operation was focusing on Milan because it had been the major focus of Italian investigations into Islamic terrorism and because it "could be a major risk of possible attacks." He said the measures were designed to make people "feel calmer after the London attacks."

Of those arrested, 84 were immigrants and authorities issued 52 expulsion orders, he said. Most of those arrested were accused on drug, petty theft or immigration-related charges, he said.

Look ma, no fascism, no racism! These folks are not only suspected of terrorist involvement, they are criminals of one sort or another. Whatever it takes. I don’t believe a society has any obligation to look the other way while extremists involved with terrorist activities commit “little” crimes, waiting for them to kill 50 or 100 people.

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