Sunday, July 03, 2005


Space... the final frontier...

OK, OK, I know I shouldn't have used that title, but somehow I just couldn't resist.

If you are interested in the Deep Imapact mission, or astronomy and space exploration generally, check out Tom's Astronomy Blog.

This site has coverage of the Deep Impact mission, some truly stunning images, and a wide array of information and links to other related sites.

Personally, I'm fascinated by space exploration. I was a few months shy of ten years old when Neil Armstrong stepped off that ladder and muffed his prepared line. Under the circumstances, I guess a little stage fright was to be expected. But when it really counted, Armstrong had nerves of steel and ice water in his veins. To this day, few people realize that the landing computer (which was less powerful than the calculator I bought my son for his algebra class) basically crashed, and Armstrong essentially manually landed that tin-foil lunar lander. Armstrong was also the pilot on the first docking mission, when the unmanned module they were docking with spun out of control. There was a reason why, back then, astronauts had all been accomplished pilots before joining the space program.

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