Friday, August 05, 2005


Blair seeks deportation of preachers of death

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Tony Blair on Friday announced new deportation measures against people who foster hatred and advocate violence following last month's transportation attacks that killed 52 people and four suspected suicide bombers.

Clerics who preach hate and Web sites or book shops that sponsor violence would be targeted. Foreign nationals could be deported under the new measures.

Blair said his government was prepared to amend human rights legislation if necessary if legal challenges arose from the new deportation measures.

Britain's ability to deport foreign nationals has been hampered by human rights legislation. As a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, Britain is not allowed to deport people to a country where they may face torture or death.

"Let no one be in any doubt that the rules of the games are changing," Blair said, promising to crack down on extremists blamed for radicalizing pockets of Muslim youth.

By the year's end, Blair wants to pass legislation that would outlaw "indirect incitement" of terrorism — targeting extremist Islamic clerics who glorify acts of terrorism and seduce impressionable Muslim youth.

The law would ban receiving training in terrorist techniques in Britain or abroad. A new offense of "acts preparatory to terrorism" would outlaw planning an attack and activities such as acquiring bomb-making instructions on the Internet.

Tony Blair has apparently had enough. Realizing that the root cause of the Islamic terrorist movement isn't poverty, or Israel, or US foreign policy, Blair is taking aim at the true source: the death cult that is militant Islam.

This is a fair characterization: militant Islam is a death cult, nothing more and nothing less, and they seek the death, by mass murder whenever possible, of anyone and everyone who is not one of them. Either you will live in their perverted ninth-century vision of an Islamic paradise, or you will be killed.

What Blair is proposing is a good start, but the civilized world must go farther if it is to survive: the mosques that house the death cultists must be shut down. The "schools" that "educate" the death cultists must be shut down. The leaders of the death cult must be hunted down. The death cult of militant Islam must be stamped out, ruthlessly and completely.

This is not an issue of religious freedom, or freedom of speech, or civil liberties of any kind. Every civilized society in the world has realized that there are limits, and enforces those limits. We do not tolerate the "religious" practices of polygamy or child marriage. We would not tolerate the "religious" practice of cannibalism, ritual murder, or human sacrifice. We surely should not tolerate the "religious" practice of mass murder.

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