Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Is global warming causing increased hurricane activity?

From the blog EU Rota comes an actual look, complete with charts and graphs, of just how well actual historical data meshes with the theory that man-made global warming is causing, oh, say, an increase in hurricane activity, as the nitwits in the German government are suggesting.

After reading the round-up of German newspaper editorials in
Spiegel Online, one can't be blamed for thinking that global warming is leading to an increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes hitting the US mainland (strangely, Halliburton was not mentioned as the culprit in this present storm). Going back to 1851, what does the actual data from NOAA say:

WARNING: do not go to this site and look at actual facts and figures if you are a global warming enthusiast. Looking at actual facts has been known to cause extreme anger and confusion in global warming enthusiasts.

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