Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Peres quits Labour, will work for Sharon's new Kadima party

The BBC is reporting that Shimon Peres, a long-time leader in Israeli politics, has quit the Labour Party to back Ariel Sharon and his newly-formed Kadima party:

Veteran Israeli politician Shimon Peres has quit the Labour Party and announced his support for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for March's general election.

"My period of service within the [Labour] party has come to an end," he told a press conference in Tel Aviv.

"His [Sharon's] mind is set to continue the peace process and he is open to new ideas for peace. I support his election to seek these aims."

Prime Minister Sharon founded the centrist Kadima party earlier this month, redrawing at a stroke the entire political landscape. Several opinion polls in Israeli newspapers have suggested that Kadima, the Hebrew word for "forward", could win next year's election.

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