Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Rioting Muslims in Denmark: "this is our area"

Unless you live in a cave, by now you've heard about the muslim riots which, after several days, appear to be spreading in France and are finally being reported in the MSM.

But in Denmark, where muslims issued death threats after a newspaper published artists' drawings of Mohammad, rioting has gone on virtually unnoticed for days.
Viking Observer has the story:

He calls himself 100 percent Palestinian, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon 19 years ago, and now out of work in Denmark.

"The police has to stay away. This is our area. We decide what goes down here".

And then the bit with the drawings of the prophet Muhammed comes around:

We are tired of what we see happening with our prophet. We are tired of Jyllands-Posten. I know it isnt you, but we wont accept what Jyllands-Posten has done to the prophet", he says aggressively, and the others nod approvingly.

Planned for three weeks

To of them are Turks, and it is the first time, that Turks and Palestinians act together, the 19-year-old says.

"We have planned this for three weeks. That is why only two were arrested saturday nigh. The police will cordon off it all. But we know the ways out", he claims, and then disappears, munching on a piece of pizza from Fun Pizza.

This is essentially the palestinian theory of statehood moving into Europe: regardless of lawful authority, the muslim population will do as it pleases, and expressing yourself with violence and destruction is just "their culture". And anyone who is not one of them had better steer clear, or suffer the consequences.

Eventually, with enough bloodshed, enough violence, enough intimidation, enough collusion from leftists who support your "struggle against oppression", it really will become "your area".

All justified in the name of Islam.

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