Friday, December 30, 2005


It really IS "just like Viet Nam"

There is one almost precise parallel between the Viet Nam war and the Iraq war: the conduct of the "anti-war movement".

Rather than oppose the war as a matter of policy and work to legitimately shift public opinion on that policy, the "anti-war movement" of today has resorted to exactly the same disgusting (and frankly, anti-American) tactics as in the '60's and early '70's. Vilification of the American serviceman (serviceperson?), trumped up "atrocities" that have no basis in fact, fraudulent "veterans' testimonials" ("Winter Soldier", anyone?). Fortunately, there are alternative information sources today available to discredit much of this garbage.

There's nothing un-American about opposing the war, but there really is something distinctly un-American (and anti-American) about the anti-war movement. And what a surprise, many of them are either the same people (Fonda, Kerry) the same elites (academia, media, Hollywood, the "intelligentsia") and the same fringe groups (communists, socialists, anarchists) who formed the core and leadership of the anti-Viet Nam movement at its height.

What a coincidence! These are essentially the same elements that pathologically blame America for everything wrong in the world and see the US as the only obstacle in the way of the socialist Utopia that will be ushered in once all national sovereignty is ceded to the U.N.

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