Friday, December 02, 2005


Russia sells Iran $1 Billion in missiles

According to this Reuters report, Russia has concluded a deal to sell a billion dollars' worth of surface-to-air-missiles and other modern weaponry and technology to Iran.

Russia plans to sell more than $1 billion worth of tactical surface-to-air missiles and other defense hardware to Iran, media reported on Friday.

Moscow is already at odds with the West over its nuclear ties with Tehran but has sought to use its warm relations with Iran to be recognized as a key mediator between the West and the Islamic Republic.

It is difficult to see how Russia can position itself as a “mediator” between Iran and the west when it is selling Iran missiles which have only one obvious purpose: to attack US (or Israeli) warplanes seeking to knock out Iran’s nuclear program before they start building bombs.

According to Russian sources, this isn’t a proposed deal which might yet be prevented, the deal has already been concluded.

The Vedomosti business daily cited military sources as saying Iran would buy 29 TOR-M1 systems designed to bring down aircraft and guided missiles at low altitudes.

The paper, calling it the biggest sale of Russian defense hardware to Iran for about five years, said Moscow and Tehran had already signed the contract.

Interfax news agency separately quoted a source as saying the deal, which would also include modernizing Iran's air force and supplying some patrol boats, was worth more than $1 billion.

Nothing like throwing gasoline on a fire.

The Russians may be forcing Israel to take action. Israel, which surely must feel Iran can absolutely not be permitted to possess nuclear weapons, may end up deciding that they must strike before Russia equips Iran with new generation missiles and a modernized air force.

Some things never change. You can still generally trust the ham-handed Russians to come bumbling in and make a bad situation worse.

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