Thursday, January 26, 2006


Recent polling shows bad news for Hillary

The most recent "if the election were today" poll regarding the 2008 Presidential election has more bad news for former First Lady and Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton. In addition to polling that repeatedly shows Rudi Giuliani clobbering Clinton, the latest McCain-Clinton poll, conducted by Diageo/Hotline, shows the Republican Arizona Senator decisively leading Clinton 52 to 36 percent, a huge 16-point advantage.

It would be easy to dismiss this as a poll by a minor, relatively unknown agency, except that it is entirely consistent with virtually all other polls.

According to a January 25 NewsMax report, there's even worse news for Hillary:

By a margin of three to one, Americans say they would "definitely" vote against Hillary Clinton for president, a CNN/Gallup poll released Tuesday [Jan.24, 2006] has found.

While just 16 percent say they had made up their minds to back Clinton when she seeks the presidency in 2008, 51 percent say there's no way they want to see the former first lady back in the White House.

Men are the most vehement when it comes to the prospect of another Clinton presidency, with 60 percent telling Gallup they would vote against Hillary for sure.

Reporting on the Gallup survey in today's edition, the New York Post notes that women are slightly less repulsed by the notion of Mrs. Clinton running the country, with just 43 percent saying they definitely don't want to see her in the Oval Office.

Even Mrs. Clinton's liberal base isn't solidly behind her, with a full one-third of self described liberals telling Gallup/CNN they have no intention of supporting her in 2008.

The 2008 election is a long way off, and much can and will change before then. But those Democrats who have anointed Hillary as a sure thing may want to start hedging their bets. By the way, in the Diageo/Hotline poll, McCain beats "other democrat" by only 8 points.

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