Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Blair gets tough, but is it too little, too late?

A few days back, when the first reports appeared concerning Tony Blair’s plan to go after Islamic militants in Britain, I wrote this:

Tony Blair has apparently had enough. Realizing that the root cause of the Islamic terrorist movement isn't poverty, or Israel, or US foreign policy, Blair is taking aim at the true source: the death cult that is militant Islam.

This is a fair characterization: militant Islam is a death cult, nothing more and nothing less, and they seek the death, by mass murder whenever possible, of anyone and everyone who is not one of them. Either you will live in their perverted ninth-century vision of an Islamic paradise, or you will be killed.

What Blair is proposing is a good start, but the civilized world must go farther if it is to survive: the mosques that house the death cultists must be shut down. The "schools" that "educate" the death cultists must be shut down. The leaders of the death cult must be hunted down. The death cult of militant Islam must be stamped out, ruthlessly and completely.

This is not an issue of religious freedom, or freedom of speech, or civil liberties of any kind. Every civilized society in the world has realized that there are limits, and enforces those limits. We do not tolerate the "religious" practices of polygamy or child marriage. We would not tolerate the "religious" practice of cannibalism, ritual murder, or human sacrifice. We surely should not tolerate the "religious" practice of mass murder.

Pastorius, from CUANAS, added a comment and a link to a later, more detailed news article that made it clear that Blair’s initiative was much broader and deeper than that early report I read had indicated, and in fact included some of the measures I was advocating. (I’ve said before, I say again, if you’re not reading
CUANAS regularly, you should be).

But then came
this disturbing report, raising the possibility that Blair’s proposals may be too little, too late:

Intelligence chiefs are warning Tony Blair that Britain faces a full-blown Islamist insurgency, sustained by thousands of young Muslim men with military training now resident in this country.

This is a frightening possibility, but it should not have been unexpected. Not only Britain, but many of the civilized nations of Europe have huge unassimilated muslim populations, and a decade and a half of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” have left these foreigners to develop self-contained, insulated communities which identify more with their religion or ethnic group than with the country where they live.

The problem is not limited to Europe. Canada is very quietly trying to figure out to do with certain large muslim enclaves that have declared that their local religious tribunals are their ultimate legal authority, and that they are not answerable to Canadian officials. In Australia, some more assimilated muslim communities are raising the alarm about jihadist teachings in muslim schools and universities supported by Australian tax dollars in the name of diversity and muticulturlism.

In Britain, the recent bombings have jolted the government into action, and they are confronting the possibility of a full-scale domestic Islamic insurgency.

As police and the security services work to prevent another cell murdering civilians, attention is focusing on the pool of migrants to this country from the Horn of Africa and central Asia. MI5 is working to an estimate that more than 10,000 young men from these regions have had at least basic training in light weapons and military explosives.

A well-connected source said there were more than 100,000 people in Britain from "completely militarised" regions, including Somalia and its neighbours in the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan and territories bordering the country. "Every one of them knows how to use an AK-47," said the source. "About 10 per cent can strip and reassemble such a weapon blindfolded, and probably a similar proportion have some knowledge of how to use military explosives. That adds up to tens of thousands of men."

Even though the vast majority had come to Britain to escape the lawlessness of their homelands, the source added, there remained an alarmingly large pool of trained men who could be lured into violent action here.

This threat had been largely neglected while attention focused on British-born militants who had been through training camps run by al-Qa'ida in Afghanistan.

"There has been a debate on whether we are facing an insurgency or terrorism," said the source, "and the verdict is on the side of an insurgency."

The thought of Britain, or any civilized western nation, being brought under widespread terrorist attack by the foreigners they have allowed ti immigrate is an ugly image. But the question then becomes, what happens next?

What happens when some civilized nation, Britain, France, or Holland, for example, has had enough? What happens when some European nation elects a strongman who promises to “clean up” the “foreigners”? What happens when some European country decides that its only chance to survive as a nation is to prohibit all immigration from Islamic countries? Or that the only way to root out the Islamic terrorists already among them is to shut down all mosques, or outlaw Islam, or expel all muslims?

The UN, which has done and will do nothing to prevent the continued slaughter of Israelis by the palestinians, or the construction of nuclear weapons by the Iranian theocracy, will surely label any such step as “ethnic cleansing” and try to stop it. What will happen when the UN expects the US to send in troops to protect the muslim population of some European country from the European citizens of that country?

The civilized nations of the world must act now, ruthlessly and relentlessly, to shut down the death cult of militant Islam. The cancer must be cut out now, before it becomes so extensive that the cure will also kill the patient.

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